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Clarity Interpreting Services LLC

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Our INTERPRETERS will facilitate your conversations with people who have limited English proficiency during phone calls and in-person appointments involving health care or legal matters, during community and business meetings, or during social events and recreational tours.  We also can provide sign language interpreters, both in-person and via video-remote.

If you are in need of a WRITTEN TRANSLATION from English into another language, or vice versa, we are able to assist you with that as well!  For a FREE quote for your translation project, please go to :


We have access to interpreters for all 80 world languages 

by phone or video-remote, if the broadband connection at you location can support a secure video streaming service.  

IN-PERSON, face-to-face interpretation, is also available. 

Depending on interpreter availability for the date and time you are requesting, the 47 languages listed below are available in the NE Minnesota / NW Wisconsin region. Travel outside the local Duluth-Superior-Hermantown metro area to provide face-to-face interpretation will be invoiced.  

ASL (American Sign Language)   ~ Albanian ~ Amharic ~ Arabic ~ Bosnian ~ Bulgarian ~ Cebuano ~ Chinese : Cantonese, Fujanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese ~ Croatian ~ Dutch ~ Farsi ~ Filipino ~ Finnish ~ French ~ German ~ Greek ~  Hindi ~ Hmong ~ Ibo / Igbo ~ Italian ~ Japanese ~ Kapampangan ~ Korean ~ Laotian ~ Lingala ~ Monte Negro ~ Nepali ~ Ojibwe ~ Oromo ~ Persian ~ Polish  ~ Portuguese ~ Russian ~ Serbian ~ Slovenian ~ Somali ~ Spanish ~ Swahili ~ Tagalog ~ Tajik ~ Thai ~ Turkish ~ Ukrainian ~ Vietnamese ~ Waray

Superior Translations, a division of Clarity Interpreting Services, LLC

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Federal law guarantees that language assistance is available at no charge to patients in clinics and hospitals. 
  • Section 44 of the IRS tax code provides a credit to eligible small businesses to offset the expense of interpretation and translations needed for effective communication with customers and employees. 
  • Effective safety training for a  diverse workforce involves both interpretation and translation. We can assist you in designing cost-efficient ways to conduct trainings and document employee comprehension.
  • For more information go to or click the button below.

Clarity in conversation builds trust in your relationships


NCIHC National Standards of Practice

Each of our interpreters apply these standards at all times during medical, legal, business, and personal appointments. 

Accuracy and Confidentiality

To enable other parties to know precisely what each speaker said. 

To honor the private and personal nature of health care interactions and maintain trust among all parties. 

Impartiality and Respect

To eliminate the effect of interpreter bias or preference. 

To acknowledge the inherent dignity of all parties in the interpreted encounter. 

Cultural Awareness

To facilitate communication across cultural differences. 

Professionalism and Role Boundaries

To uphold the public's trust in the interpreting profession. 

To clarify the scope and limits of the interpreting role, in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Professional Development and Advocacy

To attain the highest possible level of competence and service. 

To prevent harm to parties that the interpreter serves. 

Email form

TO REQUEST AN INTERPRETER: please use the button at the top of this page to access our secure request form. QUESTIONS? Please do write to us using this email form below. And, if you are an interpreter who would like to apply to be added to our roster, please use this email form to send us your contact information, your weekday availability, and a summary of your experience and education. We will contact you to set up an interview soon. Thank you!

Clarity Interpreting Services LLC

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Training facility and VRI studio are both located at the Duluth Hub