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Training Facility

Duluth Hub-Suite 106
Fax: 888-549-9721

Mailing address:
Clarity Interpreting Services
Business Office - Suite 328
1346 W. Arrowhead Road
Duluth, MN 55811

Clarity Interpreting Services LLC
Bilingual and sign language interpreters for health care, legal matters,
community and business meetings, recreational tours, and social events.

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Immediate service: 24hr on-call scheduling coordinator at 218-340-6526

More info on Rights and Responsibilities
involving service to those with Limited English Proficiency:
ALL world languages and ASL are available via phone or secure video-remote transmission.
These languages are available in-person. Travel outside Duluth-Superior is invoiced. 
ASL (American Sign Language)
Albanian ~ Amharic ~ Arabic ~ Bosnian ~ Cebuano
Chinese : Cantonese, Fujanese, Mandarin, Taiwanese
Croatian ~  Farsi ~ Filipino ~ Finnish ~ French ~ German ~ Greek
 Hindi ~ Hmong ~ Ibo/Igbo ~ Italian ~ Japanese ~
Kapampangan ~ Korean
Laotian ~  Lingala ~ Napali ~ Ojibwe ~ Orono ~  Persian ~ Polish ~ Portuguese 
Russian ~ Serbian ~ Slovenian ~ Somali ~ Spanish ~ Swahili ~ Tagalog
Tajik ~ 
Thai ~ Turkish ~ Ukranian ~ Vietnamese ~ Waray

Clarity in conversation
builds trust in your relationships

Professional Memberships:
Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
Duluth Sister Cities International

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