Clarity Interpreting Services LLC
Bilingual and sign language interpreters for health care, legal matters,
community and business meetings, recreational tours, and social events.

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Interpreters assist with spoken conversation

Read about our medical interpretation services from the article published
by the Duluth News Tribune on May 15, 2012 written by John Lundy :

National Standards of Practice for Interpreters in Health Care

Each of our interpreters apply these standards at all times
during medical, legal, business, and personal appointments.

To enable other parties to know precisely what each speaker said.

 To honor the private and personal nature of the health care interaction and maintain trust among all parties.

 To eliminate the effect of interpreter bias or preference.

 To acknowledge the inherent dignity of all parties in the interpreted encounter.

Cultural Awareness
To facilitate communication across cultural differences.

Role Boundaries
To clarify the scope and limits of the interpreting role, in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

 To uphold the public's trust in the interpreting profession.

Professional Development
To attain the highest possible level of competence and service.

To prevent harm to parties that the interpreter serves.